Custom software development with entrepreneurs, not engineers

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The Challenge

Businesses and consumers are more inundated with options than ever before. It’s incredibly difficult to break through the noise and genuinely make an impact with an app or platform. Building the product right isn’t enough. You have to build the right product.

Our Solution

We build custom solutions with an uncompromising focus on the user and business needs. We don’t do well taking orders. We do best by joining our clients’ team and working side-by-side on creating the winning solution.

By always leveraging rapid prototyping and real-world learning, we test assumptions and learn from real users in days, not months. This allows us to iterate and pivot quickly towards the right solution without wasted time, money, or heartache.

Who We Are

21 Solutions is founded in Tulsa, OK by two brothers with a deep passion for technology, entrepreneurship, and tackling complex problems. With insights from 10 years of entrepreneurship and two previous startup acquisitions, we deeply understand the challenges and struggles that need to be overcome to win in the marketplace.


Principal & Chief Technology Officer

Sergei is our strategic product and technology leader who leads our technology teams. His ability to deeply understand the business objectives and make innovative connections to technical solutions make him a lethally-competent technical powerhouse. Sergei has a deep passion for physics, cutting-edge technology, and machine learning.


Principal & Chief Product Officer

Alex is our strategic product, sales, and operations leader who leads our product management team. He has a proven track record for product development and driving operational excellence. Alex excels at particularly daunting challenges by capitalizing on market insights, developing scalable sales & operational processes, and galvanizing teams towards ambitious goals.


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